The Kite Hill Brewing taproom features 16 taps with fresh beer brewed on site.
The comfortable taproom overlooks the brewing operation, with a roll-up door opening onto a patio and spacious beer garden with lawn games for all ages.

Please note we do our best to keep the beers on the webpage up to date,
but actual taproom offerings may vary as we sell out of some beers and put new ones on!

Stumphouse Stout

6.3% ABV
Dark beer lovers rejoice! No added flavors. No adjuncts. Just an absolutely spot-on, delicious American stout.

Bring Your Own Haze V.10

Hazy IPA
6.4% ABV

BYOH v.10 features Citra, Belma and X-14 hops. Delicious blend that brings aromas of mango, citrus and berries. Super drinkable and soft bodied beer.

Rosy Cheeks

Hard Seltzer
5.6% ABV
Hard seltzer flavored with cranberry and ginger.

Jenni I Got Your Number

Coffee Vanilla Blonde
6.0% ABV
Dosed with coffee from local roaster Silva Coffee, along with whole vanilla beans, this blonde ale is sure to have your number. Subtly sweet notes and a creamy body. Call her up!


Hazy IPA
6.6% ABV
Brewed by some of the amazing women that make this brewery run, PBL features the annual Pink Boots hops blend, delivering big juicy flavors of melon, pineapple, citrus and vanilla. Deeeeelicious.


Blood Orange IPA
6.4% ABV
Crazy drinkable, fruit-forward, blood-orange IPA. Named by Chris and Jill Shelnut after winning the Tacky Sweater Christmas party raffle benefiting Clemson Community Care.

Mama Tiger

Fruited Sour
7.2% ABV
Inspired by a berry cobbler, this sour ale features blackberry, cinnamon, lactose and graham crackers.

Frequency Modulated IPA

West Coast IPA
7.4% ABV
A big west coast style IPA. Citra. Centennial. Simcoe. Clear and bitter like they used to be… Flavors of orange rind and pine.

Old Main Barleywine

Coconut Vanilla Barleywine
12.7% ABV
Collab with Edmund’s Oast Brewing and Greenville Beer Exchange. A tropical barleywine made with toasted coconut and vanilla bean. Strong but highly drinkable, with a lovely coconut aroma. Careful with this one!

Careful Little Hugs

Prickly Pear Raspberry Gose
4.4% ABV
A beautifully brewed gose dosed with prickly pear and raspberry. Super drinkable and refreshing!

I’ve Got a Blueberry for a Daughter

Blueberry Wheat
5.6% ABV
I’ve Got a Blueberry for a Daughter! is our classic American Wheat style ale with added blueberry puree. This is an easy-drinking ale brewed for the SC heat, with aromas of fresh picked blueberries that pairs well with a soft and slightly sweet wheat malt base.


American IPA
6.6% ABV
Single hop IPA featuring solely NY-grown Excelsior hops.

Late Night Broadcast

Amber Lager
6.4% ABV
Late Night Broadcast is a smooth drinking amber lager. Light in body with a caramel sweetness and very low bitterness.

That Girl From Mohawk Valley

New York Pilsner
4.7% ABV
Our latest entry in the “That Girl From” pilsner series takes us to upstate NY. Featuring hops grown in the Mohawk Valley region between Syracuse and Albany. Clear and crisp with a slightly spicy hop character.

You Say Tripel, I Say Triple

Belgian Tripel
9.4% ABV
A hefty Belgian Tripel. The signature Belgian strain of yeast used contributes signficantly to the flavor, with esters giving subtle notes of banana, spice, and pepper. Highly drinkable for such a strong ale.

Dos Tigres

Mexican Lager
6.6% ABV
A crisp and refreshing lager characterized by its light golden color and subtle balance of hop bitterness. With a clean finish and a touch of corn sweetness, why not have dos?